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Our two main product lines are "Nufree Nudesse" for hair removal, and a wonderful organic facial line "Moon Essence".
We specialize in hair removal, facials and skin care
"Nufree Nudesse" is a soy based liquid hair removal system. We start our services out with a numbing
antiseptic to minimize any discomfort you may experience. We then apply a wonderful skin soothing cream to
help calm any visible redness. Our product is heated in a special thermal unit which heats to match your
internal body temperature guaranteeing no burns. With all these wonderful components we guarantee a
comfortable hair removal experience for all skin types.

"Moon Essence" is our all organic line formulated by a local business in Petaluma, Ca. It's clinically proven to
reduce and prevent signs of aging. Not only that but it offers much more as a Skin Product. This product also
helps us fight off acne, dark spots, rosacea, eczema and conditions of the everyday skin types such as dry, oily
and combination skin.

Tracy's specialty is her wonderful relaxing facials.
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